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sustainable agriculture

The Players

PFA, in collaboration with ARIS, Ormoc Relief & Farmers Relief created a sustainable agricultural system to help local farmers grow cassava on their land instead of selling it to the lowest bidder. It will generate enough revenue to buy seeds in future harvests.
A complete state of independence.

Revenue to Farmers

Most small farmers cannot afford to buy seeds for harvest, resulting in hectares of abandoned or lost lands.  PFA provides:

  • The seeds to grow
  •  The cost of harvest

PFA then buys the entire crop from the farmer at market price.

Work for the People

Cultivating a land requires a large workforce of more than 200 people for each hectare of cassava to plant, weed, harvest, dig, chip, dry, bag, and deliver. 

PFA provides work to all farmers and their families including lunch on the field.

Promote Organic Growth

We banned the use of chemicals and only use natural or organic methods to cultivate the soil.

All our seeds are organic.

Women Training Program

Although in developmental phase, PFA will soon offer various programs to train women to obtain the necessary skills to decrease the level of dependency on men workers.

Healthcare to Farmers

By the end of 2019, because of the positive results of the Cassava Project, PFA plans to provide basic healthcare services to ALL farmers and their families who joined the association. 


Organic Stems

Bundle of cassava stem ready to plant

Organic cassava stems

During harvest, stems are collected, bundled. and delivered to farmers to plant around the months of June or Jul. Free of charge.

Field Maintenance

Cassava field maintenance are conducted by PFA and ARIS workers. At times, often, volunteers from Farmers Relief and Ormoc Relief join to give a hand.

Healthy Cassava & Soil


All planting technics and treatment bear no chemicals and are certified non genetically modified organisms  (GMO). Purity and quality of the soil was tested by the Department of Agriculture and the University of The Philippines - VISCA.

Organic Roots

Healthy 40 kg tuber

Some of our tubers/roots  have grown to reach 41 kg naturally!

Most contain 65% to 75% of moisture and should be dried shortly after harvest to avoid deterioration and preserve quality.

All organic

Drying cassava by sun. . . . . . . . Inefficient & risky

Best for small rural operations
Drying cassava manually is labor intensive and requires over 50 workers per hectare


If cassava is harvested during typhoon seasons, the drying tuber, chips or granules may be damaged by water as it lay on the hot tarmac or cement to dry.

Potential loss: 30 % of the crop.

Customized Dryer. . . . . . . . . . . . Time-consuming & unproductive

Temporary field cassava dryer built next to the field.

Temporary dryers are built out of bamboo and plastic covers next to a harvested land to reduce heavy loss caused by the weather .

It may take 6 days  to dry the average 30 metric tons produced on one hectare.


A hot air dryer/dehydrator can process 600 kg per hour.

Our Partners

what we farmers need

A cassava dryer will save millions in PhP loss of crop caused by weather

HOW  ?

All scientists and researchers of the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Department Of Agriculture (DOA) still agree that heavy rain brought by typhoons is the main culprit causing the most damage before and after harvest.

The other factor is the lack of sun during the drying phase.


A cassava is planted for at least 10 months prior to harvest. Excessive flooding from rain have destroyed entire crops forcing farmers to harvest early yet preventing the adequate drying process to occur.

In 2017, PFA lost around 250 metric tons of cassava due to rain.

Potential loss of tubes: 20 to 75 %


Manual drying takes 7 to 12 days for each hectare harvested as all chipped or granulated cassava are spread straight on the open ground to dry under the sun rays.

Once the root is out of the ground, it becomes vulnerable to more water damage, pests and rodents.

Potential loss of chips or granules: 15 to 30% 

                                           TOTAL LOSS 2017:  500,000 PHP ($10,000)


A mechanical HOT-AIR dryer located in the vicinity of the harvested fields will allow the drying process to occur in 5 hours instead of 5 days, hence reducing greatly the high degree of perishables and pest infestation. 

                                                    Immediate drying is the key!

The ability to begin the drying process (dehydration) of the root soon after harvest increases the percentage of production (FAO).


Just one hot air dryer may allow us to save enough to purchase a tractor and a digging machine   AFTER ONLY ONE HARVEST! These items would increase productivity rapidly and also permit us to recruit new farmers with empty land in more remote areas.

This machine will allow PFA to acquire a tractor  after ONE harvest!
(click the image to order)

This machine will allow PFA to acquire a tractor after ONE harvest! (click the image to order)

High quality, low-cost rice network

Rice Delivery Network

Starting in 2019, ARIS  will launch a network of rice distribution available throughout the Ormoc area. 

Jasmine and long grain broken rice will be imported from Thailand and Vietnam.

For the people...

In the spring of 2019, will sponsor the launch of a rice store in the Palanas area to provide quality and healthy rice to the local population.

For the local businesses...

Local businesses would be able to order large volume of rice sacs per month for the employees.

Twenty tons will be available each month.

After a few months of professional relationship, clients will be able to pre-pay orders.

Organic Quality /Low-cost

The rice is certified organic premium quality JASMINE LONG GRAIN and BROKEN rice grown in Vietnam and Thailand.

Twenty metric tons will be available each month.

Thanks to ARIS & !

Each month a percentage of the profit will be donated to Palanas Farmers Association to help us continue to develop our programs dedicated to the farmers.

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About Us

The Association

Palanas Farmers Association was officially launched in February 2017 and now consists of nearly 30 local farmers.

With the support of the Department of Agriculture and the University of The Philipines since 2015, our mission is to promote the concept of sustainability to the farmers and let them know they are not alone.

We have begun an agressive campaign to promote the free services available to all farmers.

Farmers Relief

As we continue to develop our programs to help farmers, we will also welcome donations from all of you who have already been very generous.

We will continue to accept all donations via and update our blog as well.

Farmers' Training & Healthcare

These two programs will be launched this year and will require partnership with agricultural  groups to provide educational material and tools to train our farmers and their families.

About our healthcare program, we are seeking a physician's clinical environment that could accommodate our farmers' visit.

We also require aid from a pharmaceutical laboratory for donation of basic medication.


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